About Adlibre

Adlibre is an Open Source IT consulting and web application development company based in Sydney, Australia. Andrew Cutler, the Managing Director and founder, has in excess of 10 years experience in Open Source and online systems. Click here to hear more from Andrew.

At Adlibre our approach is collaborative. Working closely with you we aim to identify any IT problems and understand your business goals before offering a best practice solution. Our clients are varied, including SME's, large corporate's, start-ups and SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. We build and help them maintain robust systems, scale out where necessary, keep costs down and most of all we help our clients get online, and stay online!

Better yet, everything we build, we support end-to-end. So you don’t need to worry. We also understand that businesses aren’t static - we can grow with you and help you get ahead and stay ahead with clever, efficient services and solutions.

Adlibre is constantly evolving and we focus on staying at the cutting edge of the dynamic IT sector. Our Consultants are dedicated to you an unfair advantage through the use of superior technology and, more importantly, they have the technical capabilities to deliver on their promises.

We can help with:

Systems management & maintenance

Whether you need assistance in choosing the right technology for your business, or just need help configuring and maintaining it, we are equipped and ready to make sure your IT operations enable your business to thrive.

Custom web application development, website maintenance & fully managed hosting solutions

We create customised web applications that address your business’s specific needs and maintain your website so you can attend to business at hand.

Strategic IT advice

We go beyond preventing IT headaches. We believe Information Technology shouldn’t just support your business; it should be the driving force behind the success of your business. Our consulting services help you get the most out of IT, optimising your business’s success. You will be amazed at what you can do.

Hardware upgrades & consolidation through virtualisation using XEN, KVM & OpenVZ

One of the best ways to reduce cost and maximize efficiency is server consolidation. We will not only help you choose the right virtualisation technology, but will help you configure and maintain consolidation for a specific set of applications.

Integration of proprietary systems and (FOSS) open source software stacks

Let us help you navigate through the sometimes tricky process of integrating your existing proprietary systems with FOSS.

Support for popular Open Source platforms and application stacks

Including: Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu & Debian), Apache, MySQL (LAMP), PostgreSQL and Postfix to name but a few: Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with any of your Open Source platform questions, from security concerns to data recovery.

Cant see what you need on this list? Contact us and we’ll see if we can help.